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  Mussell right on target with latest side splitter

OSGOODE - Ducks, Trucks & Bucks. There's only one problem with the title of comedian Paul Mussell's latest CD.

It doesn't include the yucks although when you give it a listen, you'll agree with the audiences across the country that have laughed till they spit out their food that once again farming's funnyman has hit the mother lode of humour.

Recorded live at the Timberrun Golf Course, Lanark, and the Arnprior Community Centre, the disc contains 10 of Mussell's best takes on hunting and the rural lifestyle including his advice on how to stop the car bombings that plague Iraq: Outlaw cars and have Mennonites start shipping them horses and buggies.

The material was written by Paul and his wife, Grace. He says they have overcome the fact theirs is a mixed marriage: she's from a non-hinting family and he's from one of the reddest necked hunting clans in Eastern Ontario.

In fact the CD is dedicated to this father, Clarence, and his boys, Ryan and Ben, " with whom I get to go hunting" and the jacket and cover are festooned with photos testifying to the Mussell clan's prowess in blinds and stands with trophy deer, geese and moose proudly displayed by eagle-eyed hunters.

The Mussells don't mind taking the odd shot at themselves, as his audiences well know, and on this CD it seems that a new dress purchased by Grace is in Paul's new favourite shade of "mossy green and camel" and he tells her he'd be proud to have her alongside him in his deer stand. It's obvious from the new material that his favourite colour is no longer John Deere green.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of "Ducks. Trucks & Bucks" will go to the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters' Young Hunter Education Scholarship, which assists young persons who could not otherwise afford it to take hunting courses and purchase licences.

Copies of the CD are on sale at a number of locations throughout the Ottawa Valley and are available from Mussell's Web site at



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