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  • Kemptville College Graduates

    Diploma Programs

    Associate Diplomas in Agriculture, presented by Dean Donaldson

    (* Denotes minimum of 80%)

    *Gertrude Margaret Aalbers, Thunder Bay

    *Tiffany Babcock, Harrowsmith

    Ryan Douglas Baker, Napanee

    *Jonathan Philip Bakker, Picton

    Mark David Bolt, Thunder Bay

    Thomas John Booyink, St. Andrew's West

    Andrew G. Brydges, Almonte

    Adam Cairns, Peterborough

    *Helen Chaddock, Lancaster

    Lucas Chisholm, Maxville

    David Conlin, Cardinal

    Matthew Donald W. Courneyea, Picton

    Barbara Lee Dickenson, Sarnia

    Peter Dings, Chesterville

    Matthew James Enright, Winchester

    *Craig Gillis, Brussels

    Rodger Daniel Gunning, Tweed

    *Colin Hagan, Perth

    *Amanda Marie Hammond, Carleton Place

    Michael Harder, Sunderland

    Kevin Havekes, Inverary

    *Cheryl Hazenberg, Oakwood

    Carney Howe, Prescott

    Tyler Hoy, Mountain

    Deborah-Lynn Irene Jodouin, Almonte

    John Kelly, Almonte

    Jesse Marie Mangan, Seeley's Bay

    Patrick Mayer, Monkland

    Douglas S. McColm, Huntingdon, PQ

    *Jason Robert McIntosh, Peterborough

    *Anton Nussbaumer, Alexandria

    Jason Kevin O.Connell, Almonte

    Heather Palmer, Bruce Mines

    Jean-Jacques Pilon, Finch

    Charles Philip Pollock, Williamsburg

    *Jason Thomas Reid, Marmora

    Andrew Scoble, Howick, PQ

    Graham Edward Smith, Sunderland

    Kent A Somerville, Spencerville

    Martin Stucki, Avonmore,

    Joel Henry Veurink, Thunder Bay

    *Michael Visser, Owen Sound

    *Angie Willoughby, Smith Falls

    Associate Diplomas in Equine Studies, presented by Wendy Johnston

    Nicole Louise Allen, Chalk River

    Lottie Mae Baker, Echo Bay

    Angela Joyce Bellinger, Oxford Station

    Alison Emilee Brebner, Oakville

    *Melanie J. Buxton, London

    Andrea Carmichael, Kemptville

    Nicholas Fisher, Russell

    Tui Greenaway, Wainfleet

    Michelle Lee Hawkshaw, Belle River

    Laura Hoad, Allenburg

    Marie-Angelique Homan, Uxbridge

    Mary Lynn Ivey, Chapleau

    Erin Jones, Russell

    Jacqueline Patricia Lamport, Wiarton

    Colleen D. McGrath, Almonte

    *Erika McNevin, Ottawa

    Lisa Middlebrook, Southampton

    *Victoria Lyn Milligan, Hagersville

    Chandra Morency, Fredericton, NB

    Gary Schaap, Engelhart

    *Heather J. Smith, Kitchener

    Nicole Anne Steeves, Sussex Corner, NB

    Samantha Nicole Stein, Freelton

    Stephanie Thompson, Gloucester

    Elizabeth Riannon Wiese, Whitby

    Associate Diplomas in Food and Nutrition Management, presented by Elizabeth Forbes

    Lea-Anne Budge, Bolton

    Jo Ann Christie, Kemptville

    *Sophie Dupuis, Hull, PQ

    *Nathan Harpelle, Pembroke

    Rhonda Lee Kinnear, Curran

    Pierre Lessard, Cornwall

    Amanda MacDonald, Cornwall

    Shannon Colleen Marion, Sudbury

    Louise Mulitze, Long Sault

    Mario A Rossi, Carlsbad Springs

    Brittany Christine Wagner, Oxford Mills

    *Stacey Warren, Manotick

    Associate Diplomas in Horticulture, presented by Peter Johnston-Berresford

    *Diana Marie Gordon-Froh, Manotick

    Tanya E. Heideman, Douglas

    *Jayne Gattrell, Kanata

    Nik Kovinich, Cornwall

    Julie Ann Pierce, Bridgenorth

    Leonard Daniel Walter Read, Ile Perrot, PQ

    *Anne Shannon, Kemptville

    *Nicholas Wightman, Manotick

    Certificate Programs

    Equine Management Certificates, presented by Wendy Johnston

    Nicole Hélène Alain, Richmond

    Natasha Chapman, Baie Verte, NB

    Stephanie Rose Fedora, Mississauga

    Kelly Goodman, Dundalk

    Kateri Louise Melanson, Nepean

    Laura Pampalon, Cobourg

    Equine Coaching Certificates, presented by Wendy Johnston

    *Kirsten Jodko-Narkiewicz, Swastica

    *Lindsay Lee-Ann Scrutton, Halifax

    Diesel Equipment Mechanic Certificates, presented by Nick Bray

    Shaun Allan Arcan, Mountain

    Ryan Ralph Blaine, Mountain

    John Garret Bronson, Maynooth

    Brent Couch, Sunderland

    Simon Frei, Maxville

    Timothy Edward Grant, Cornwall

    Marc G. Harrison, Winchester

    James Robert Charles Hawkins, Elgin

    Johan Huisman, Thunder Bay

    Andrew Kenneth Douglas Lawrence, Newtonville

    Jean-François Lazure, Sainte-Martine, PQ

    Kyle Robert Longtin, Spencerville

    Ian Duncan McGill, Burlington

    Paul McVean, White Lake

    Richard Damien Nunn, Embrun

    Matthew Schreader, Pembroke

    Aaron Gordon Stacey, Sainte Clotilde-de-C, PQ

    Bradley Allan M. Waugh, Carleton Place

    Industrial Welding and Fabrication Certificates, presented by Nick Bray

    Stéphane Bériault, Green Valley

    Davic Bruce Bertram, Wyevale

    Ryan Kenneth Dillabough, Oxford Mills

    Brett Loughlin, Mountain

    Jeffrey Mackell, Gloucester

    Joey Wayne Matthews, Brockville

    Ryan Ronald McFadden, Wyebridge

    Jiranuwat Naksuwan, Seeley's Bay

    Jeremy O'Grady, Toledo

    Philip Price, Utopia

    Kristian Chance Shepherd, Godfrey

    Corey Douglas Smith, Phelpston

    Advanced Welding Techniques Certificates, presented by Nick Bray

    *Marc Anderson, Kemptville

    Kent Christopher Careen, Labrador City, Nfld.

    *Natalie Veronique Gosselin, Vankleek Hill

    James Heffren, Toledo

    *Andrew James Liston, Hawaii, USA

    *Travis Donald Loucks, Lyn

    *Andrew McMullen, Brockville

    Ryan Alexander Ralph, Kemptville

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